About Us

The Gold Rush Project started its development in 1996 when the founder Sam J. Sewell 3rd helped his daughter build an 8th grade school math project. 15 years later, in November of 2011 with winter months approaching, Sam decided he wanted to make this a game a reality and develop The Gold Rush Game.

Today The Gold Rush Project is on its way to becoming the first project of its kind, to enable anyone in the world, ages 11 and up, to play games that combine the history, geography and mathematics of the global gold rushes.


It does not stop after our launch of The Gold Rush Game Table-Top Version

We also have plans for an online version where players aggregate real tangible wealth during gameplay by winning our very own custom, gold backed crypto coin called Gold Rush Trust Coins. These coins are part of normal gameplay by using them as player bonuses, jackpots and prizes we share in the success of the project, an ownership society.

We are also excited about our future book series starting off with ‘The Wealthiest Miner and Tommy Knocker”

Also, don’t forget to check out our  ‘General Store‘ for cool game related merch!