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The Gold Rush Coin is part of The Gold Rush Project. The overall project is taking the global gold rush research of Sam Sewell III and creating a full series of Books, Merchandising, and 2D and 3D animated versions of multiple games. Each step along the way and each game provides the player the ability to create and store wealth via gold backed crypto coin - GOLD RUSH COIN.

The Gold Rush Project isthe first project of its kind, to enable anyone in the world, ages 11 and up, to play games that combine the history, geography and mathematics of the global gold rushes with a physical gold backed crypto currency all wrapped with a bit of fantasy and fiction

This is the first game in history that when played it creates wealth for the individual player. There have always been games that are free to play and those that are pay to play, The Gold Rush Project presents a new paradigm:

Players aggregate REAL tangible - GOLD RUSH COINS - wealth during gameplay

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